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Convert Film & Audio Reels to Digital

$9.50 USD

It may seem like a lifetime ago that people filmed memorable events with anything other than smartphones, much less film reels. Back in the day when families gathered for the holidays, somebody likely shot the festivities with a 16mm, 8mm, or Super 8mm movie camera, prior to the introduction of video cameras. When film and the projectors to play them on became obsolete, it was no longer possible to relive memories captured on film. The same goes for old-fashioned audio reels in which historic and sentimental moments were recorded for posterity, but now sit untouched.

If you own reels but don’t have a working projector, it’s still possible to watch them. At ScanDigital, we have an impressive variety of projectors needed to capture and convert film reels to digital. While we can convert any movie reel without sound or audio reels in Super 8 format, we aren’t able to add or edit sound on film transfers.

You can send us reels from 3” to 7”, with the size determining the cost per reel. To measure the diameter (length across) in inches, it’s easier to do so when it’s lying flat. Tell us how many of each size reel you wish to digitize, start packing, send them, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our expert technicians can transfer any of the following reel formats:

  • 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, Super 8mm with sound, 35mm, and audio-only reels

If you need extra help, check out our FAQ page or contact us - we'd love to hear from you.


When doing your final check out, you'll be able to select whether you want Ground or Express round-trip shipping as well as the format for your digitized media (flash drive or hard drive).  After receiving your order we will send your Secure Shipping Kit, you pack it and return it to us, and the magic begins!


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