Digitizing Reel to Reel Audio Tapes

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Developed in Germany in the late 1920s, the reel to reel tape gained popularity in America by the 1950s due to its superior sound fidelity and the ability to edit, splice, reuse, and manipulate it. As such, it became the audio format of choice for professional music production, dictation, radio broadcasts, field recordings, interviews, and meetings. The reels varied in size from 3” to 7” in diameter for amateur recordings and as large as 16” for professional ones. Although the quality was excellent and better than vinyl, the recorders were cumbersome and heavy. This inevitably led to invention of the cassette tape in 1963, which in contrast was inferior in sound, but highly portable.

It’s difficult to find reel-to-reel machines today, which makes digitizing reel to reel audio tapes yourself or even listening to them nearly impossible. No worries – at ScanDigital, our fleet of state-of-the-art digital audio workstations enable us to convert reel to reel to digital with superb results. We offer state-of-the-art digital remastering including noise removal, normalizing, and equalization, so the end results are often better than the original recording.

At ScanDigital, we make it easy to listen to the sounds of yesteryear captured on this once iconic analog format. All you need to do is select reel to reel tapes, send them to us, then listen to the high quality digital recordings with family and friends. Our expert technicians can digitize reel to reel audio tapes:

  • Measuring 3" to 14" in diameter

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