Album Scanning

$0.68 - 600dpi | $0.88 - 1200dpi
(per photo)

  • Album Organization

    Photo order mimicked digitally

  • Manual Processing

    Scanned and edited by hand

  • Strict Quality Assurance

    Each image reviewed by 3 technicians

  • Safe and Secure

    Tracked door-to-door, processed in US

Every photo fanatic has organized photo albums by year or event, but they're likely just collecting dust and running the risk of decay and disaster. Luckily, ScanDigital can digitally preserve your photo albums, allowing you to protect your precious memories and archive your collection for future generations.

Organization Stays Intact

Your albums are returned exactly as they were received. In addition to our precise photo scanning process, photo albums require additional attention to ensure your organization stays intact. We acknowledge the time it takes to create a family photo album and our team is meticulous about returning each scanned image to its original place. In other words, you will receive your albums back in the exact condition they were sent.

We mimic the organization you have already set in place. If your albums are labeled individually on the bind, we will title a digital folder the same name with all the respective photos inside. That way, the digital copy will be virtually identical to that of your physical albums. If you click on the folder 'Family Album 1990', you will find every image that was within that album. Now, you'll only have to click a button on your computer to access your images instead of lugging out your collection of heavy albums!

Quality Assurance

Our highly trained scanning professionals carefully take each individual photo out of the enclosed albums, scan and then replace each image. All images are scanned and edited individually by hand to ensure we provide the highest quality end results. During the editing stage, each image is enhanced through color correction, red-eye and dust removal and cropping process. As you can tell from the before and after photos below, our editing process will enhance your images dramatically.

Photo Album Scanning Process

  1. Cleaning and Preparation
    All photos are individually cleaned with compressed air and a lint free cloth.
  2. Scanning
    Each photo is scanned using the highest quality equipment.
  3. Editing
    Our highly skilled technicians repair each image, including cropping, rotation, color correction and red-eye removal.
  4. Loaded to a Flash Drive or Hard Drive
    Your newly digitized images are loaded to an external USB Drive.
  5. Enjoy
    Enjoy your digital memories with friends and loved ones!

Photography FAQs