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Prior to the advent of CDs, cassette tapes were the most popular media for at-home listening after vinyl LPs. Perhaps you recall playing cassette tapes on a gigantic boom box or a tape deck in your car. First released in September 1963, audio tapes were considered groundbreaking because they were compact and portable.

Today, it’s common to see folks walking down the street, biking, running, and doing any number of activities with wireless earbuds or headphones enjoying music. Although many take this luxury for granted, the Sony Walkman revolutionized how people listened to music when it was introduced on July 1, 1979. Without a doubt, the innovative Walkman paved the way for contemporary digital devices like iPods.

Microcassettes, which were essentially mini-me versions of cassette tapes were used in home answering machines and microcassette recorders in business settings. Maybe you used them to capture your baby’s first words and other milestone events. Although these diminutive tapes are still manufactured today, recording devices now use digital audio tape.

At ScanDigital, our technicians will transform these once trendy formats into digital audio files you can listen to anywhere, anytime. We’re able to convert audio tapes to digital in the following formats:

  • Cassette tapes and microcassettes

If you have any questions before ordering, please contact us – we'd love to hear from you.

Finalizing Your Order

When doing your final check out, you'll be able to select whether you want Ground or Express round-trip shipping as well as the format for your digitized media (flash drive or hard drive). After receiving your order we will send your Secure Shipping Kit. Once you get it, you pack it and return it to us, and we’ll transform your favorite sounds into top-quality audio files without the need to rewind!


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