• We Treat Materials Like Our Own

    We handle your materials how we'd like our own materials to be handled

  • We Keep You Organized

    We will mirror the organization of the physical materials digitally

Whether your archive of photos and home movies are neatly organized or an unorganized mess, we're here to help. In either state, ScanDigital is your solution for organizing and archiving your most precious memories.

For the organized crowd, we will mimic your organization and return all materials exactly as they are received. If rolls of negatives are labeled with events or dates, you'll see this reflected in the digital copy. If you have spent time organizing your photos into albums, we'll be happy to title each digital folder to match the labels on your albums, as well as replace each photo back in its original place within the album. Rest assured your hard work will remain intact in the digital version.

ScanDigital is loved by hundreds of professional organizers for a reason: we help you organize your old boxes of old photos and home movies into a neat collection of digital files, while mimicking the organization already in place. Once an enhanced digital image is created, you can rid your basement of your archives and create some much needed space. We realize that most people feel the need to hang on to their originals, but once your materials are digitized, your need will disappear along with the clutter.

If your collection isn't as organized as you'd like, have no fear. It's not too late, ScanDigital can help. Even if you plan to send all loose, out of order photos, organizing them in their digital state will be easy. It's a cinch to rearrange the digital copies from your external USB drive. If you've been meaning to organize your piles of old photos and home movies for a long time, simply send them to us. Once they're scanned, organization is a snap!