Our Story

ScanDigital Co-Founders: Anderson Schoenrock (left) and Mike Mothner (right)

Anderson Schoenrock and Mike Mothner founded ScanDigital in early 2007. The two, long time friends who met while studying at Dartmouth College, were involved in a number of business opportunities individually prior to starting ScanDigital together.

ScanDigital began with a simple question from the mother of one of our founders. It was the 2006 holiday season and Mike Mothner was at home opening presents with his family. This year, the gift that was the biggest hit was the digital camera Mike gave to his mother. The wrapping paper hadn't even hit the floor before she was busy lining the Mothner family up for picture after picture. Mike's mom was thrilled at just how easy her new digital camera was to use, and by the time she had downloaded all her photos on to the computer she was hooked. Mike's mom had officially gone digital. Later that night as the family sat down for dinner, a thought occurred to Mrs. Mothner. She turned to Mike and simply asked, "So how do I put all the photos in the garage on my computer?"

Little did she know it, but with that innocent question she planted the seed that would become ScanDigital, Mike started searching the internet for a company that would provide quality digitization services for a fair price. Mike knew he didn't want to send his mom's photo out of the country, but was unable to find a stateside company that could deliver the level of service he wanted for a reasonable price. The more Mike looked into it, the more he started thinking that there must be plenty of moms, dads and countless others who were also facing the dilemma of what to do with their old photos, slides and negatives.

Several days later at a New Year's Eve party in San Diego, Mike approached his long-time friend and soon to be co-founder Anderson Schoenrock. Anderson listened as Mike explained the problem his mom faced in converting her photos to digital and how there just wasn't service that combined value, security and high quality. As the two discussed it, something clicked. It was just one of those moments; both Anderson and Mike knew they were onto something big. Right there on the balcony of the Torrey Pines Hilton, the two began laying the groundwork for ScanDigital.

Getting ScanDigital up and running was no easy feat. The hours were long and work was hard, but both Mike and Anderson knew they were creating a truly unique service. Within three months, they had developed a business plan and hired programmers to build the website and general infrastructure. About six months after their initial discussion, Mike and Anderson officially launched ScanDigital to the public.

Today, ScanDigital is the premier photo digitization service. Its industry leading innovations have created the most user-friendly process available. Combining tremendous value with an impeccable service, ScanDigital is poised to lead the digital conversion revolution. All thanks to Mike's mom.