Value of your Memories

Your Memories are Priceless

Your family's history is priceless. We all value stories of our own family's history and appreciate knowing where our roots stem from. This knowledge is shared through storytelling, usually with the help of old photographs and early home movie footage. This allows us to visualize the past and get to know family members that we'd otherwise never get to meet.

Scanning and editing take a lot of time. After you've spent time researching the equipment and editing software to purchase and have taught yourself how to use them properly, each individual photo will take several minutes to process. If you're like the average consumer, you have thousands of photos stored in boxes in your basement, so you can imagine how painstakingly time consuming this task will be if you do it yourself. For the average person, scanning your entire collection of photos will take every weekend for the next year. Certainly you have better things to do!

There's no greater gift you can give your future generations, than the gift of knowing where their family came from. Your family's history is invaluable and your one-of-a-kind photos and home movies are the only material documenting the past. Even if you regularly share stories with your children, there's only one way to assure the memories are preserved forever.

By converting your family's archive of old photos and home movies to digital format, you are ensuring those memories are passed down. Digital copies of your memories will stand the test of time against decay, damage and loss. Your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and generations beyond will treasure your family's history and will appreciate having easy access to the old photos and home movies of their past. They will all be thankful that their family members were thoughtful to make sure those memories live on.

Your own history is important too. You've created endless memories with your loved ones, but likely have buried those thoughts away. In our busy lives, it's easy to forget about all the amazing experiences we've been lucky to enjoy. That's why it is so valuable to have photo and home movies documenting our lives.

Enjoying old photos and home movies brings back our own favorite memories. Details of your favorite vacations or times spent with your childhood friends seem to have been forgotten, but viewing those captured images refreshes those memories. Bring new life to your old memories with ScanDigital to ensure your memories are always there for you to enjoy.