Customer Service Team




Ashinie is a fun and outgoing college student who is studying to become a coroner. Her interest in becoming a coroner was sparked while watching The Discovery Channel and ID Channel as a little girl. She recently moved from Los Angeles to Indiana so that she can be a part of the day to day with the company and to be with the Customer Satisfaction team. Working at ScanDigital has been rewarding for her in that she feels proud to be able to help others save their precious memories. Having been a scanner for us prior to her position as the Senior Client Manager, Ashinie is uniquely able to assist customers with technical questions and specific details. Bringing happiness to many families across the country through our digitization services has been a thrill for her!

John S.

John has been living in Indianapolis for most of his adult life. After a diverse decade working in hospitality, he was eager to transition into his position at ScanDigital. A self-proclaimed “people person,” John has also canvassed for the Hoosier Environmental Council and tutored high school math. He is a musician who has performed his music coast-to-coast, and enjoys writing and recording in his free time. John is always excited to discuss a digitizing project as well as the daily affairs of his cat, Pepper Anne.


Skyler Brentz was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana where he grew up with a love for both basketball and music. In high school, he made quite a name for himself through sports and received interest from colleges all across the country. In fact, Skyler decided to attend a four-year college in Northern Kentucky where he played basketball for one season before transferring to more of a traditional university where he studied Business Marketing. In his spare time, he enjoys making music, brainstorming on new business ideas, as well as spending time with family and friends.


Mitch Arnold is a born and bred Mid-Westerner who has divided his adult life between Chicago and Indianapolis. Having an education in film, movies are his passion and he hopes to one day make a career out of them. When he’s not catching a flick, you can find him reading, riding his bike, or watching Cubs baseball. He enjoys black coffee, a cold drink every now and then, and autumn afternoons. Mitch has always wanted to be a cowboy.


Danika is a big fan of the Marvel Universe. She enjoys reading and playing Plants vs. Zombies on her computer. She also enjoys her rescue cats named Mufflebee and Kerfluffles. Danika loves helping others, and was trained and worked as a CNA for several years. It is this calling to help others that drew her interest in working for ScanDigital. She loves having the opportunity to help people organize and preserve their most meaningful memories. Our good memories are the best legacy we leave for future generations.


Rooney, a native Hoosier, comes to us with 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has that rare quality of honesty with a touch of humor. Rooney particularly loves solving problems and helping to find the best solution to any issue. Outside of work Rooney can be found playing any type of game, from video games to card games to board games. He is a self proclaimed King of Games, but despite his bravado he is quite humble and always a kind opponent.


Alex is a goofy bibliophile with a strong dedication toward helping others. He has over a decade of customer service experience and has done extensive volunteer work. His nonprofit work has been focused on helping children; as a mentor for community centers and foster care agencies, as a facilitator for the mayoral “What’s Possible?” campaign, as an editor for the Black and Latino Policy Institute, and as a “co-convener” with the Education Community Action Team. ScanDigital has allowed Alex to pursue a love of preserving personal histories for future generations. Alex is also an exuberant lover of cheap coffee and grows carnivorous plants.