Digital Scrapbooking

Now Make Digital Scrapbooks with Old Photos

Dig out your old photos from those shoeboxes and put them to use in your current digital scrapbooks. Update your old photo archive to bring those memories into your hobby. Use old sentimental photos of past vacations, holidays or birthdays, and countless other memories to extend before your current digital scrapbooks. When you scan your photos, even creating an ancestry book while you scrap online is easy. All of your memories deserve to be enjoyed and artfully displayed in your scrapbooking projects together.

There are several unique ideas for scrapbooking that can add to your experience. As someone who loves photos and creating digital artwork commemorating them, you will enjoy trying the following suggestions.

Unique Ideas for Scrapbooking

Update Your Old Traditional Scrapbooks

Before starting your digital scrapbooking hobby, you likely used to be a traditional scrapbooker. Don't let those old books fade and run the risk of disaster, update them digitally archive your old artwork with your new pages. Just send them in and we will scan your scrapbooks on our large 12x17 scanners just like the photos!

Print Copies of Your Digital Scrapbooks

Since your artwork is digital, it's easy to print copies of individual pages to enjoy as a coffee table photobook or to make copies for loved ones. You can print your favorite pages and have them bound together or you can upload your pages to have them professionally printed in a beautiful photobook. Printed copies of your scrapbooks and photobooks are both perfect for your own home or to give as a gift!

Use Old Photos and Family Mementos

Incorporate old photos of your family's history and mementos such as movie tickets, birth certificates and your kid's art projects in your digital scrapbooks by transferring them to digital format. Don't let these memories fall by the waste side- use them in your scrapbooks today!

Give a Gift Card

Is there a holiday or friend's birthday around the corner and not sure what to give them? Give them a ScanDigital Gift Card and let them choose which photos, scrapbooks, mementos or home movies they'd like in digital format. They will definitely appreciate such a thoughtful gift that will help them preserve their memories forever!