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Jazz Up Your Home with Photo Decorating Ideas

Incorporating photographs into your home decor is the easiest way to add a personal touch into your space. Nothing says "you" more than your favorite family memories, so using these images is the best way to jazz up your family room. However, displaying your originals in frames exposed to sunlight will cause them to fade, refrigerator magnets create scratches and curious people leave mysterious fingerprints. Avoid ruining your photos while displaying them in your home, or at least rest assured there is a digital back up just in case. Plus, once your old images are digital, there are endless photo decorating ideas that become available!

Photo Decor Suggestions

Turn Your Favorite Image into a Work of Art

Take your favorite photos from the refrigerator or plain-Jane frames and turn them into a high quality work of art with Canvas Prints. Effortlessly transform your favorite image into museum quality masterpiece!

Display Thousands of Photos in One Frame

It's hard to choose those few special photos that make it into your frames. Now you can display them all-digital photo frames allow you to show off thousands of your favorite images! You will be surprised everyday as new memories cycle through.

Clear Out Needed Space

Is your home cluttered with bulky shoeboxes of photos, VHS tapes and reels of film? Keep your memories, get them organized and create more space by converting them to digital format. These digital copies will keep your memories preserved forever, so you won't need to store their bulky counterparts any longer.

Add Life To Your Home With A Slideshow

Add a touch of personality to your next gathering with a DVD Slideshow - easily transform your blank TV screen into photo streaming entertainment!

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