Manual Scanning

  • Process Free of Auto-Feeders

    Manual scanning ensures the highest quality

  • World Class Preparation

    Each order is manually inventoried and inspected

  • Maximum Flexibility

    Our human touch means your materials are processed to your specifications

We are committed to scanning all images manually. To ensure the highest quality and to protect each scanned image, we will never use an auto-feeder to process your materials. Auto feeders overlook bad or blurry scans and can put your precious memories at risk. Manual scanning guarantees each image is given proper attention, so every scan comes out as a perfect copy.

Importance of Manual Scanning

Here's why we insist upon scanning manually:

  • Auto feeding puts your images at risk for damage

  • High quality starts with the best scans

  • Batch processing only works some of the time


It is our job to preserve these materials for future generations, that means we have no room for error. We go to tremendous lengths to ensure that you're 100% satisfied with your order. If you're not satisfied, we'll reprocess your order for free.

ScanDigital Tested, Customer Approved

We spent months testing machines, scanning thousands of images and concluded that when you feed photographic materials through automatic machines, the risk of damaging the original photograph is simply too high. Photos, negatives and slides can bend, crack or even break while running through auto-feeders, which result in ruined and lost images. Through our extensive testing manual scanning was proven to be the best and only way to scan your materials to guarantee no damage and high quality. ScanDigital won't put your memories in harm's way in an effort to save time. We have taken a stand against these automated machines to ensure that we protect your precious memories during our process.

Each image is processed by trained professionals in our Indianapolis headquarters, who understand the importance of handling your precious memories with the utmost care and respect. All scans are quality reviewed before being passed to an editor. Any image that does not meet our quality standard is flagged and then re-scanned. We treat your memories with the same respect we would expect for our own. The combination of highly trained human ability, our high end equipment and a highly detailed, secure process ensures the exceptional quality scanning results that ScanDigital is known for.