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We reach out to all of our customers after the completion of their order because we care. It also helps us to ensure we're doing our job right. If there's ever any issue, we address it immediately. Most of the time however, we receive rave reports.


Western Region

Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the photos. The quality is excellent and the service was wonderful. I would recommend your service any time. Thank you again for all of your help.

Patricia - Sausalito, CA - July 2007

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Central Region

This is very timely since I just used the photos this weekend in a slideshow for my father-in-laws 65th birthday. There were 70 people at this event. Everyone loved it and I was telling people about your service and how unbelievable it was. Not only did you do it fast but the quality and all the corrections for the slides and photos were exceptional along with the cost!! I also sent you some pictures that were in a couple of small albums and I was afraid to take them out so I left them in and they were returned just how I had them. I actually gave out the flyer that you put in my shipment so if you have others, you can forward and I will distribute among those that were interested. Thanks again for helping me! I will definitely use your service in the future!

Tracey - Somerville, MA - July 2007

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Eastern Region

You and your team did a great job with the images!! We'll definitely use you again if we ever need scanning done! Have a Great Day!

Eric - New York, NY - September 2007

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AL, HI and International Region

Ausgezeichnet! What a wonderful service. I was so pleased with my digital photos and the international shipping was so easy. It was so easy to reach someone via live chat or email. Thank you so much for a job done well.

Karin - Aufham, Germany - October 2007

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