Video Digitization Transfer

Looking to update your home movie library? Signing up for our video transfer service will allow you and your family to enjoy your preserved memories over and over again without having to rely on outdated technology that can damage your original format & can deteriorate your tapes over time. Here are some of the features of our video digitization transfer service:

Video Preparation

Our professional video transfer team will inspect and repair your vhs tapes before transferring your videos to digital.

Variety of Formats

We can transfer a variety of video formats to digital including, VHS, MiniDV and BetaMax

Scene Detection

Easily navigate your home movies with scene detection

Strict Quality Assurance

Each video transferred to digital is reviewed by 3 technicians

Transfer Home Movies on Video Tape & VHS to Digital


Please Note: A small portion of video tapes have more than 2 hours of capacity. Tapes over 2 hours in length will incur an extra charge and will be billed as an additional tape for each two hour block of time. Our system is setup as a one-to-one transfer, so each tape is transferred to its own file. For more information - Click Here. PAL formatted video tapes are transferred at $29.95 for Premium or $39.95 for Expert, per tape, for up to 2 hours of footage.


Our Video Digitization Process

video digitization process
  1. Inspection and Preparation
    All video tapes are inspected, and repaired if necessary prior to digitization
  2. Inventory and Barcoding
    Each video is entered into our system and given a barcode #
  3. Processing and Conversion
    We use professional decks to process and convert all video footage to digital formats
  4. Loading to Flash Drive and/or Hard Drive
    Our one-to-one transfer processes each video tape to digital. The digital video is then transferred to an external USB drive depending on the specifications of your order
  5. Share and Enjoy
    Share your newly digitized home videos with friends and family and enjoy your memories together.

Visit our how it works page to learn more about how we digitize your home movies.

Why Convert Your Videos to Digital?

Sadly, video cassette tapes are becoming a thing of the past. VHS and other video players are no longer being made and DVDs have since been their replacement. Fortunately, ScanDigital can help bring your memories into the digital age by converting your videos to a digital file. ScanDigital's Video Transfer service handles VHS, VHS-C, BetaMax, Hi8, MiniDV and Digital 8 and will put your memories on an external USB drive in just a few weeks!

It's great to know your memories are recorded on video, but having access to enjoy them is important. Finding a VCR to play your old VHS tapes will become more and more difficult, leaving your bulky tapes unusable. The best solution is to transfer your home video tapes to digital today. This way, you can enjoy your memories anytime you'd like on your computer, or share them on social media. If you select the hard drive option, you will have the digital video files loaded to an external hard drive for use in your computer. You may use these video files to create additional copies, edit your footage or post to your favorite website.

Protecting Your Memories on Video Tape

Your video tapes will not last forever, as the natural aging process causes your memories to deteriorate. Over time, damage and decay cause old videos to crack, curl and even break. ScanDigital can actually repair these imperfections by splicing the film back together to obtain a seamless transfer. You will never have to worry about your camcorder tapes being lost or damaged due to fire, flooding or any other unforeseen circumstances.

We make the transition of converting your videos to a digital file effortless. With an average turnaround time of only a few weeks, the video to digital conversion process is quick and easy. All video materials are processed in the United States, at our Video & Film facility in Indianapolis, IN, ensuring unparalleled safety and security for your treasured memories.

See what customers are asking about digitizing videos in our Video Transfer FAQs.