Graduation Gift Ideas: Photos, Home Videos, and More

Graduation Photo Gifts
Are Perfect Keepsakes They'll Always Treasure

Graduation symbolizes a time when one is looking forward to the future while honoring the hard work and accomplishments that brought them to this point in their lives. During this special time, it's important to commemorate his or her achievements and celebrate their success. By using a collection of old photos from the day they were born and throughout their lifetime, it's easy to honor their life leading up to this significant moment. Use some of those special memories to create graduation photo gifts that will leave your graduate with something to always remember you by, no matter how far life takes them next.

Graduation Ideas

Make a Slideshow for the Graduation Party

Honor and embarrass your graduate by collecting photos from childhood, little league games or dance recitals, and favorite family vacations to create a special slideshow to play at the graduation party. Graduation Slideshows are wonderful presents for the graduate and their entire family to celebrate and remember this special occasion.

Decorate Your Graduate's Dorm Room

Every graduate needs furnishings to decorate their new apartment or dorm room. A digital photo frame or canvas prints are great presents that add a personalized touch to their new home and allows them to think back on their loved ones regularly. They will love taking quick breaks to glance up from their books and reminisce over their favorite memories back home.

Convert Your Graduate's Home Movies To DVD

A graduation is a time when families reflect back on the years past. Convert those old VHS tapes to DVD of your little graduate speaking their first words and taking their first steps. Then post them online, print copies for relatives and make sure that these special memories are protected forever.

Preserve Graduation Mementos

Your graduation diploma is a treasured keepsake and symbol of a one's accomplishments. Graduation invitations, awards, and other graduation mementos are also special items that you want to keep, but they are fragile and risk decay. Digitally preserve these graduation keepsakes to rest assured these treasured items are protected forever!