Heritage and Ancestry

Trace Your Family Tree and Preserve for Generations to Come

Preserving your family's history is the perfect way to honor your heritage and ensure that the legacy of your ancestors will live on forever. Your ancestry is outlined and documented through your photographs. These memories hold the key to your family's history, but are sadly deteriorating every day. Don't let images of your past generations fade away or allow the unthinkable tragedy to erase these records. There is only one way to guarantee these irreplaceable memories are preserved forever - you must scan old photos to digital format. By scanning photos and converting other mementos, such a birth certificates and marriage licenses, you are guaranteeing they live on for future generations to enjoy!

Family Heritage Ideas

Safeguard Your Old Home Movies On DVD

Preserve the sentimental footage from your past generations and update your own home movie material to DVD to guarantee these memories will be protected and accessible for your future generations. Your video tapes and reel-to-reel film have captured memories that are quickly deteriorating. The memories of your relatives are too precious to lose, so convert your home movies to DVD today!

Create A Heritage Slideshow

Your heritage is important to you, so show it off with a slideshow that can be shared with all your loved ones. A customized DVD Slideshow is perfect for family reunions, milestone birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays. It will amaze your audience to honor your heritage is such a special way.

Preserve Family Keepsakes

Birth certificates, marriage licenses and other paper records are keys to our past and irreplaceable mementos. Unfortunately, these items are fragile and will likely fade and disintegrate before your own great grandchildren get to see them. Preserve these priceless mementos and guarantee your family's legacy is safe forever.

Share Old Photos with Family Members

There are probably limited copies of photos from your past generations, but everyone wants their own. Avoid a family argument and easily share your family's collection of photos. Just scan old photos and make a digital copy for everyone. Now all your loved ones can have these memories to pass down to their future generations!