Red Eye and Dust Removal

  • Red Eye Removal

    Each image reviewed and corrected when required

  • Dust Removal

    We utilize manual and automated dust removal to deliver crisp, clean images

  • Minor Blemish Removal

    Small scratches and blemishes are cleaned up manually

As dust scratches and red eyes commonly appear in photos, we individually edit your images to remove these unwanted blemishes to enhance your favorite memories. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality result, so we automatically provide this service at no additional cost. Our ScanDigital team wants you to enjoy your images, the way you meant them to look.

Red-Eye Removal

Red-eye is the mysterious red glare that appears over a person's eyes in a photo. The unwanted red haze distracts from the faces of your loved ones and can be frustrating. That's why ScanDigital's well trained photo editors go image by image and tediously repair all red-eye imperfections manually. It is simply the only way to ensure all red-eye is removed and is included in our all of our pricing options.

Even though automated programs exist for this type of editing, they can be problematic by mistaking or overlooking one's eyes. By manually repairing each individual image, we are able to remove this unwanted glare to leave your photos as you had intended them to look.

Our skilled technicians have performed our manual red-eye removal on millions of images and this quality touch ensures the exceptional results. We guarantee it. By removing this glare manually, you will see the person's eye color. You can start enjoying the photo and stop being distracted by those annoying red eyes glaring at you. Say goodbye to red eye once and for all!

Dust Removal

Tiny particles of dirt and dust have likely left their mark on your memories. After years in a box or on the shelf this was bound to happen and many of your photos have the scratches and dust to prove it. Fortunately, ScanDigital has a solution! Through our standard preparation, scanning and editing process, we work to remove these imperfections as much as possible from every image we scan. This leaves your images in much better shape and in many cases, they look like they were just taken yesterday (but Mom's bell bottoms do give away the images real age).

To start our process, all images are inspected prior to even touching our scanning equipment. When scanning photos, we use compressed air and lint free photographic cloth to remove the dust. On slides and negatives we apply compressed air. This additional touch in the preparation stage is critical to obtaining the best scans possible. Next, while in the scanning stage, we go even further to deliver the best results. Cleaning alone removes the current dust stuck onto your images, but it takes much more to repair imperfections in the photos. Our top of the line equipment and technology paired with our highly trained technicians, gives us the ability to erase the unwanted scratches and blemishes from your photos.

Photos, slides and negatives require different tools to repair these imperfections. For print photos, we use Dust Removal software to clear your images of unwanted marks. Color negatives and slides require the use of Digital ICE technology to remove scratches.

Finally, after your photographic materials have gone through our high quality scanning process, our technicians use their well trained eyes to manually remove any leftover marks during our editing process. By removing the remaining scratches manually, your photos will be looking as good as new.