Color Correction

  • Time Fades Images

    But our manual corrections bring them back

  • Manual Color Balance

    Each image is viewed and edited twice

  • Deeper & More Vibrant

    Just the way you remember those moments

The longer your photographic materials sit, the more the color will fade. Unfortunately, images in their original state do not last forever, as all photographic material is susceptible to color deterioration. It's a natural part of a photo's aging process- the color is bound to fade and shift with time. Whether your photos are displayed in frames or you have them neatly stored away in the basement, your photos are likely not what they used to be.

Bring the Color Back

Luckily, ScanDigital can help restore the lost color to enhance it back to the original state. Color Correction is the cornerstone of our editing process and the results are nothing short of remarkable. The combination of high quality scans and a well trained human eye results in outstanding color correction for all those images that might otherwise fade into oblivion.

Fading and color shifting is simply part of the aging process. So don't worry, there's nothing you could have done to prevent it from happening. If your photos are displayed in frames where natural sunlight comes in, they become visibly lighter and faded. Try taking some of your photos out of their frames and you will find that borders of your images, originally covered by the frame, will have deeper colors and be more vibrant. Over the years, natural sunlight can drastically fade your photographs.

The stability of the chemical composition can also decay with time. Black and white negatives and prints use fairly stable silver halide. However, over time and in less than ideal conditions, the papers will yellow along with the gelatin matrix that makes up the image. If the image was not properly developed, that once crisp image can develop a metallic blur. Color images fare even worse off as the chromomeric dye color is not stable over time. As a result, the colors in old photographs change because the three dyes traditionally used deteriorate at different rates, which alter the balance of the image.

Scanning alone only captures the current state of the image, so that's why ScanDigital includes color correction as part of our transfer service. After all images are scanned, they are repaired and edited by our highly trained technicians. We are generally able to enhance photos well beyond their present condition. All editing is done manually by highly skilled and trained technicians. We never use any type of batch processing and all color corrections are done individually, by well trained eye. We value your memories as much as you do.